Would My Smile Benefit From Dental Implants in North York?

Let’s talk about this popular restorative procedure.

For people with one or multiple teeth missing, dental implants are simply the smartest option available to restore the smile. In fact, dental implant procedures have been successfully practiced for decades, and typically last a lifetime with proper care.

If you’ve ever thought about a dental implant procedure with our North York dentist, here are four key reasons as to why this would be an excellent choice:


Your smile’s function will be restored back to normal, so you can chew and eat properly and with ease – which is unfortunately something that becomes a greater issue with every tooth that is lost.


With a dental implant procedure, can feel truly confident smiling again. You won’t need to worry about hiding any embarrassing gaps because your smile will be full again, and you’ll be able to eat and speak again with ease.


By replacing any lost teeth with a permanent solution, you’ll be helping to prevent any surrounding teeth from shifting to the space where your tooth/teeth once were – which is something that often occurs in time. You’ll also be helping to prevent the deterioration of your jaw bone – which occurs when a tooth is lost and no longer keeping the bone stimulated and dense. Jaw bone loss will age the face by altering its structure.

When a bone graft is required

If you have a tooth or teeth that have been missing for a while, you may already have some bone loss in the jaw. In this case, or in any case where there is an insufficient amount of bone density, a bone graft will be necessary before the implant procedure. But don’t worry, bone grafts are extremely common when it comes to dental implant surgery and dentists perform the procedure all the time with great success! Today, dentists will typically use a biocompatible synthetic material to build up the jaw bone rather than having to harvest the patient’s own bone, which is also a plus.

Ready to improve your life (and smile) with dental implants?

We support your decision! Contact us today to book a free dental implants consultation with our dentist in North York. We’d be happy to see you!

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