Dental Implants

Improve Your Smile and Quality of Life

It can be a devastating experience to lose our teeth. Our teeth are vital for proper chewing/digestion and speech, and play a fundamental role in our overall facial appearance and confidence.

Fortunately, Jane Street Dental offers restorative dental implant services at a special price for patients with lost teeth. Dental implants are essentially artificial tooth roots made of titanium, that are implanted into the jawbone to later support a replacement tooth or crown.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

Patients with gums and bone that are in good condition are generally ideal candidates for dental implants. However, there are certain health conditions like diabetes that may impact the success of the implant merging with the jawbone. Our Toronto dentist will be happy to provide an evaluation of your smile to determine whether dental implants would be an appropriate choice for you.

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In cases where dental implants are not suitable, there are several alternative restorative dental treatments like crowns and bridges or partial dentures that our Jane Street dentist can discuss with you as well.

Dental Implant Surgery Explained

The placement of a dental implant typically consists of two fundamental steps for every patient. In the first procedure, the dentist surgically places the implant into the patient’s jawbone, with the healing and merging of the two (a process called “osseointegration”) occurring over the course of several months.

After the implant has successfully merged and become permanently fixed to the jawbone, the next step is to create a new artificial crown or tooth to be attached to the implant. The dentist will take impressions, and posts or attachments will be fixed to the implants. Your artificial replacement tooth will be created over the posts or attachments, bringing your dental implant procedure to completion.

The average dental implant procedure can take roughly six to eight months in its entirety depending on the patient’s unique case - and should not be an uncomfortable process for the average patient.

Ensuring a Lasting Restoration with Proper Daily Care

A dental implant has the ability to last a lifetime so long as the patient properly looks after them through daily oral care practices. This includes brushing the teeth twice daily in addition to flossing at least once a day, and of course, not forgetting to schedule routine check-up and cleaning appointments with the dentist and hygienist. The dental hygienist will gently and expertly use specialized dental tools to throughly clean the implant during your visit. Our dentist may also recommend that you use certain techniques or tools at home to aid in the maintenance of your dental implant and oral health as a whole.

Ready to restore your smile with dental implants?

Jane Street Dental offers dental implant services among many other restorative solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for your free dental implants consultation! We’d love to see you.

Dental Implants North York

Restorative dentistry is about procedures that restore damaged teeth. This includes fillings, dental implants, crowns and bridges.